we are a growing community of people

    passionate about

    what God believes to be true about you...  


    "...we provide a space, for busy people,

    where you can take a 10min. moment to watch or read

    bite size content, to help on your journey

    of discovering how God sees you,

    transforming your life.."

    you can talk to us too if you wish...!




We are excited with what the Trinity are doing in the earth today,

bringing people into Their embrace, the romance

that has been going on since before time began. 

We want to be part of that new shape of church - community.


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    The gospel is the announcement that the Trinity have

    lovingly embraced and included you in the

    death and resurrection of Jesus.

    Without your permission or qualifications.






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What God Believes To Be True About You

What God believes to be true about you is far more important than what you believe about God! How He […]

The Very Thought of You

The Very thought of You…. There is a line from the Cole Porter song – ‘I’ve got you under may skin,’ […]

Latest Post: Ever Thought of Having an Affair?

Ever thought of having an Affair?  I am inviting you whether married, in a relationship or not, to engage in an […]

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C.S. Lewis, the well known writer and author of the Narnia books has stated; "what God believes to be true about us is FAR MORE important, than what we believe about Him."



Getting To Grips With…

Getting to Grips With...is a slot, looking at a specific word used in the Bible, to unpack it

and re-examine in the light of what God believes to be true about us.

Latest post:  Image & Likeness

Previous GTGW: Life, Righteousness, Sin, Glory,


Dr. John Mastrogovianni

10min. video  

The Anger of the Lord

Is God Angry With You? Does He ever get Angry?

Dr. John Mastrogovianni

10min. video

 Moving Forward in the Revelation of Christ in You


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