What God Believes To Be True About You

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What God believes to be true about you is far more important than what you believe about God! How He sees you can be summed up very briefly, but what you / mankind believe about God is endless speculation – look at the number of different religions such approach has spawned.

But….aren’t we all  looking for someone to really believe in us…value us, giving us worth and meaning in ourselves. 

Ultimately we are looking for love and belonging.

Ultimately we are looking for love and belonging. A place to rest, where our performance or qualifications do not define us but we are defined, not by what we think about ourselves, but what that ‘other’ person believes about us. This is true love and belonging.

As children we should find love and belonging in the family unit, sadly many do not. Then as we grow up we look for love and belonging in relationship with another adult. However such relationships are under pressure from within and without, mostly from within, where the quality of love and belonging we experience falls below what we expected or need, so we start looking elsewhere.

There are many couples of either sex who find a measure of love and belonging from each other. Sadly the length of such relationships becomes increasingly shorter and to establish another such relationship much more difficult.

Suspicion is the enemy of intimacy.

Suspicion is the enemy of intimacy. So if we approach relationships with a suspicious mind, we will come up short changed.

The same goes for our approach towards who God might be. We have been told God is Love, yet there is enough evidence  we can draw upon to seriously question this aspect of His nature. For many there is enough ‘bad press’ to ‘diss’ Him altogether.

However what we failed to consider is what God believes to be true about me. God is Love – yet what does this really men for me? Does it mean He is a heavenly credit card, which we don’t have to settle up every month, just now and then?

We have already discovered using our own credit card, what we purchase lacks the ‘X’ factor of love and belonging. Settling up is a painful business too.

What God believes about you and is in fact what the Bible is all about especially Jesus. That you have always been included in the romance the Trinity enjoy all the time. That you are valued beyond price and immensely worthy to be included in His family where the ultimate love and sense – even experience- of belonging is found.

The Trinity have embraced and included you in the romance that has been going on since before time began – where you belong.

The experience of the joy of such an embrace begins as you come to realise that the Trinity embraced and included you in the death and resurrection of Jesus, where His last words were ‘it is finished.’  You start at FINISH!

(If you want a key scripture try Galatians 2:20)




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