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Our single passion is to help people come to believe and experience the absolute love and belonging that the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, have always held them in. To come to realise there is a much larger context to our existing briefly here on the earth. That each individual person - you and I, began in the romance of the Trinity before time began. 

God thought of you and embraced you to Himself long before you were birthed in the earth. Trinity’s love towards you has never changed and never will change. That embrace has never been broken. 

Here at 10minchurch as a growing community of people, passionate of what God believes to be true about us, we  post videos, articles and recommend other resources to help you change your thinking, to seeing yourself as God sees you, exceeding valuable, worthy and included.

We have sadly failed to connect that the example of the romantic notion, of the passionate pure love a boy has for a girl, with which he woos her to come to a place where she believes with all her heart, what he believes to be true about her, is they way the Trinity have sought to woo mankind out of the darkness of unbelief- about how God sees them, since such darkness enveloped the world into which we all have been birthed. (Where else would this expression of love come from in the first place?!)

Please avail yourself of the opportunities to read, listen and watch the resources we are providing you with, while you are on the journey of discovering what God believes to be true about you.



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This is church as you have not known it before…..

Church is really about people NOT buildings! it comes from the Greek word ‘ekklesia,’ which is a compound word ‘ek’ - origin, ‘kaleo’ - to surname - to identify by name. The church then are those who know their value, from where they originated and know their true identity as belonging to God.

Knowing that you originated In Him, in the Trinity, in the romance from before time began and are known by God as his son’s and daughters. 

The Content is always aimed at helping you understand what the God of the Bible believes about you. After all what God believes about you defines you. What you believe about God never defines you or God.

10min: you don’t need long teaching sessions to help you believe what God believes to be true about you!

10minchurch is about people, busy people, church is people, its about how valuable people are to God and how connected to Him you really are, although you may not realise it!

The aim of this social media platform is to tell you how important to God you are, not to tell you what you are to believe about Him, but what he believes to be true about you.

What you will receive here is information.  So with your willingness, together with the Trinity, you can receive how they see you.  Then this love will become revelation, you will become to perceive the reality of seeing yourself as God sees you - changing your life by eradicating any sense of worthlessness, rejection, shame and guilt.   Yes…..its all about falling in love with Him, whether you are male or female, He is the Source of love.