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Jesus Is How God Sees You (..understanding what God believes to be true about you.) explores the truth of the gospel, that you have been fully embraced by Jesus in his cross and resurrection and fully included in the intimate romance of the Trinity, as God’s favourite place to come and dwell in the earth, without your express permission or qualification. Since this perspective affects traditional thinking regarding heaven and hell, this book also provides fresh, unique, and inspired insight on these two theological 'hot potatoes.' (to read more about this book......and to purchase the paperback edition, go to the store.   Also available as Kindle edition: £7.71 via Amazon

“How we see God and how we imagine God sees us dramatically impacts the lives we live. Is our God tonic or toxin to the soul? Peter Wilks graciously offers us a way to see God and ourselves through divine love, rather than dispassionate belief.” 

Brad Jersak:  international bestselling author and speaker. USA

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Blood Covenant is the key to knowing who you are, your place and purpose in the world, to be about His business.  The subject of this book is a major key to understanding one of Paul's frequent references to 'being In Christ.'  (to read more......and purchase go to the store.)




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The Mirror Bible is truly a Bible translation that we have all been waiting for. Francois ongoing version handles scripture in a way that would bring joy to the Apostle Paul! After years of struggling with Bible versions that obscure the dynamic message of the good news, that all mankind are included in the cross and resurrection of Christ, there is now available a version of the NT that is translated from this perspective. Francois indicates why he translates passages from the original Greek as he does, by including his 'notes' in the text. A MUST have daily read.

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Melchizedek by Dr. John Mastrogiovanni, is really two books in one! First of all there is an amazing and truly wonderful unpacking of the Melchizedek Priesthood, making it relevant to believers today, but unpacked in the context of Gen. Chap 1-3.  The exposition of these chapters from the original Hebrew sets the tone of the whole book and revolutionises our traditional concepts of these foundational chapters, setting such important groundwork for the understanding of the message God is trying to communicate throughout the whole Bible, namely how He sees mankind!

A MUST read. 

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Across All Worlds by Dr. C. Baxter Kruger examines the truth that Jesus Christ is not a theoretical idea or a mere concept far removed from our human experience. In this book Baxter Kruger brings us face to face with the fact that Jesus has established a very real and personal relationship with us in our darkness. Jesus accepts us and walks with us because he is determined that we come to know His Father with him and life in His embrace.

(Dr. C. Baxter Kruger is the author of The Shack Revisited & other publications. Well worth considering.)

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THE BRIGHTNESS (a novel) -This is a story of a young woman's desire to make her mark, to try to change the things she sees wrong with her society - our society. She does this by founding an organisation called The Collective, which draws people together through the power of their positive thoughts, to affect that change. She gives this gift to young people, seeing that they have little to inspire or motivate them and this is where a group of children become the driving force in the story. 

All is not what it seems, however, as a sinister plot is unveiled within the realm of the Castle where they have learnt to come together...

Available on Kindle format from Amazon. or paperback from 10minchurch store.

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THE BREAKOUT - is the second half of the story which began with The Brightness. 

Xander embarks on a mystical experience which brings him in to contact with Adon Olam, the Overseer of the realms of the heavens. He learns about his own destiny and identity and is equipped - along with his friends, the gentle and sensitive Rosie and Dan, confident and at ease with himself - by seven spirits, to take on the might and Manifesto of the Machiavellian statesman, Peter Nixon and the demon king, Moloch, whom he serves. Xander goes in search of the Brightness, but ultimately gains so much more. 

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