GTGW – Sin

The first time the word sin is mentioned in the Bible is in God’s warning to Cain, with regard to his offering not being accepted. Gen.4:6 ‘Why are you angry?….if you do well, will you not be accepted, and if you do not do well, sin lies at the door and its desire is for you, but you shall rule over it.

Notice sin has a desire, it is as if sin has an agenda – that sin is an independent desire not originating in man, but one which rises up within man and as we know, a desire that seems very much part of man’s makeup. But not part of his original design.

When God made mankind as the pinnacle of the creation narrative, we get the idea that God stood back and looked at all He had made and decided it was very good. Gen. 1:31.

Goodness is the Heb. word ‘Tov’ which includes ‘pleasure and ‘pleasurable.’

God saw the man He had created as good, whose DNA was the ‘desire to receive pleasure,’ specifically the pleasure of God to fully experience it, enjoy it, live in it, and to be able to give it back – give God pleasure.

The action of Adam and Eve taking and eating the forbidden fruit, was the result of believing a lie about God and themselves. They decided to become like God by taking or doing, rather than becoming like God through receiving and reflecting.

Jesus defined the meaning of sin – Jn.16:9  “…of sin because they do not believe in me.”

In other words people’s behaviour, which we may describe as ‘sin’ is the result of unbelief – not believing what God believes to be true about them.

Sin is like the consequence of continuing to be sick when you ‘don’t believe in your Doctor’ and the diagnosis and remedy he prescribes for you.

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Sin is believing a lie about God and about ourselves.

Sin in believing something other – or unbelief. 

Sin or sins that are often referred to, are the actions or behaviour that result from wrong or unbelief.

Unbelief leads to the activation of selfish behaviour which we call sin.

(Cain was to rule over this desire to receive for himself alone (selfish desire) my changing his attitude….learning to give….thinking the best of others before you think of yourself.)

Mankind was given the desire to receive, because how else could he begin to receive from God? However this Godly good desire became perverted when Adam chose to believe a lie about himself and God. This ‘desire to receive,’ became the ‘desire to receive for himself alone,’ which is the characteristic of the darkness and characterised as the core desire of Lucifer in Isaiah. 14.

In other words, mankind with this ‘desire to receive’ as the core of his soul, was led to believe he could find fulfilment independently of an intimate, receiving and giving relationship with God. 

The sad fact is that evil is really this Godly goodness – ‘the desire to receive’ within man, being tortured by it’s own hunger and thirst. It’s total inability to find full satisfaction, fulfilment, love and belonging on its own terms.

Again: evil is what happens when human beings are tortured by a hunger and thirst within, by this Godly desire to receive, perverted into the desire to receive for themselves alone, at the expense of people around them, to a greater or lesser extent.

As humans we do experience a measure of pleasure as we receive and learn to give on a natural level, thereby fulfilling our design brief to a small degree, but in comparison to the full measure we have in unity with the Trinity, it is meagre and fleeting and never wholly satisfies.

What the Mirror Bible says:

Distorted behavior is the result of a warped self-image! A lost sense of identity is the basis of all sin!

(The word sin, is the word 1, from , negative or without and , portion or form, thus to be without your allotted portion or without form, pointing to a disorientated, distorted, bankrupt identity; the word , is the stem of , as in 2 Corinthians 3:18 the word , with form, which is the opposite of  – without form. Sin is to live out of context with the blueprint of one’s design; to behave out of tune with God’s original harmony. See Deuteronomy 32:18, “You have forgotten the Rock that begot you and have gotten out of step with the God who danced with you!” Hebrew,  or , to dance. The root of sin is to believe a lie about yourself.  The word often translated, lawlessness, 2, from , without, and , name; thus without a name; anonymous.)
[I John 3:4]